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A-Tech TMV’s

“Our company does not manufacture TMV’s”. We do however provide a link to each supplier of approved Thermostatic Mixing Valves. We offersa wide range of services and are individually certified in all makes and models of TMV’s. TMV’s are an integral part of building structures in all health care, child care and aged care facilities. These facilities are responsible for the safety of their staff and the general public using them. Work Place Health and Safety Requirements can be met by contacting Q.T.M.V. We are proficient with the “Hosplan Code Of Practice” and the “Australian Standards”.
Contact us on Mobile 0418-192-777.

The Sewerage and Water Supply Act 1949:


Shows offenses by persons “not holding appropriate licenses”:


(1) A person must not perform work regulated by the Standard Sewerage Law or Standard Water Supply Law unless the person holds a license or interim license that entitles the person to perform the work. One penalty unit equals $72.00 Maximum penalty-165 Penalty Units equivalent $11,880 in fines.

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